Why should you use YouthCenter?

YouthCenter was designed by Juvenile Case Managers, for Juvenile Case Managers. The system manages all of the information, processes, and people associated with your youth or facility, freeing your staff to focus on what's most important - the kids in your care and their outcomes.

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Who uses YouthCenter for Juvenile Justice Solutions?

Administrators of family and juvenile courts, juvenile detention managers and officers, juvenile probation officers, juvenile case managers, and others who interact with juveniles in the justice system use YouthCenter for their juvenile case management daily.

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Mobile juvenile case management

JDAI, outreach detention programs, and juvenile probation officers use YouthCenter on mobile devices for juvenile case management on the go. No need to type notes in at the office, notes can be entered in on the road and even dictated using voice to text.

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Get Everyone on the Same Page With YouthCenter

As guardians of your community’s youth, you know each and every one of those kids in your juvenile diversion, probation, or juvenile detention center has a story. The youth in your care landed in the system for a reason, and the more you know the more appropriately you can intervene to get those kids on a better path. 

With YouthCenter’s web-based case, client, and facility management software, every staff person — from case manager, to probation officer, to therapist, and more — can document interactions with the juveniles in your care. The case notes, recorded information, and custom reporting tells a story in real time, which in the end, can lead to better outcomes for the community and for the kids and families who live there.