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YouthCenter is focused solely on providing better outcomes for the kids in your care. Our web-based software is designed so you can work faster and with less effort than you’re likely doing things now. YouthCenter delivers all the information you need – and does it with just a click or two.

Most facility and case management software was developed for adults only, with the juvenile system treated as an after-thought. With YouthCenter, you’ll find software developed for juveniles by the people who work with them every day in detention facilities and the courts.

Real-time data at a glance

  • Use real-time data for informed decision-making for everyone involved – the kids, the staff, the facility
  • Optimize screens, logs, and reports to deliver the most important data to only those who need it
  • Automatically track and monitor massive amounts of data
  • Look at information in 3 different views: detention, case manager, and facility
  • Enter data only once

Cloud-based, secure access from anywhere at anytime

  • Access information 24/7 from authorized users, including court officials, probation officers, law enforcement, service providers, and more
  • Stay informed regarding your kids, team, and facility with email alerts

Custom reports

  • Generate custom reports quickly and easily
  • Create custom data entry forms to match or improve on paper forms
  • Run and email reports automatically to recipients on a predetermined schedule
  • Receive reports in your inbox without lifting a finger

Improved Compliance

  • Keep pace with ever-changing regulatory, reporting, and audit requirements
  • Complete as much data entry as time allows – YouthCenter will remind you to go back and complete information required for compliance and audits
  • Reduce risk with audit trails that tracks every addition, change, and deletion made to anything in the system as well as who made it and when
  • Replicate and back-up information to ensure you never lose data
  • Complete ACA accreditation

Better outcomes

  • Share, analyze data, and assess risk to keep kids and communities safer
  • Closely supervise new staff by tracking progress inside YouthCenter
  • Capture data so staff can determine interventions and resources needed for the community’s kids and families

To get a true understanding of how YouthCenter can get everyone involved with your cases on the same page, schedule a demonstration now! Demos are free and can typically be scheduled with as little as a week's notice.

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What our clients are saying

  • "One of the coolest things about Youth Center is that it is so flexible. Once we know what we want, the people at YouthCenter have been awesome as far as providing the modifications and changes." - Assistant Juvenile Services Director
  • "The way its set up makes my job easier and organized." - Youth Specialist
  • "If something happens in my detention center, I get detailed alerts as to what happened, how my staff responded, and how the child responded to the staff. That gives me a picture of what is going on within the detention facility without me having to be there." - Juvenile Services Director
  • "To my knowledge, there are no case management systems for the juvenile system. YouthCenter was developed for juvenile courts and juvenile detention facilities. All the other off-the-shelf software packages were developed for adults. Juvenile is an afterthought. YouthCenter accommodates all the nuances of the juvenile courts as well as the detention side. That's critical. It is a great tool. I honestly don’t know what I would do without it" - Juvenile Services Specialist