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Watch a brief video of the YouthCenter Juvenile Justice Software solution. See why so many Juvenile Courts and Detention Centers choose it for their Juvenile Client Management. Explore other features of YouthCenter below.

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  • Client Intake

    With our client intake wizard, juvenile intake is easy. In one session, you’ll be able to record all the information that pertains to the juvenile in your care including their case information, demographics, residence, schooling, and more.

    • Juvenile Probation
    • Diversion Programs
    • Juvenile Detention
    • JDAI
    • Wizard Based
    • Duplicate Client Checks
  • Case Notes

    Case notes are a piece of cake with YouthCenter. Enter case notes from your desktop or mobile device. Add attachments to your case notes, even mark notes for specific eyes only, redacting information based on the user group - handy for therapy or medical notes.

    • Access Levels
    • Attachments
    • Contact Log
    • Activity Types
    • Locations
    • Custom Tags & Flags

Juvenile Case Management Features

There are hundreds of features to assist with your
juvenile case management in YouthCenter

  • Drug Tests

    Administrators may set up different drug kits for testing, along with associated drugs in each kit. Recording the test is easy and includes options for noting if a prescription have been given for the drug, and lab confirmation. Add data entered can be reported using YouthCenter's robust ad-hoc reporting system.
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  • Dashboards

    Each user can have their own customized dashboard with information important to them. YouthCenter has a number of built-in widgets including Detention Census, My Clients, Messages, Upcoming Assessments, Medication Reminders, a Daily Log, and more.
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  • Attachments

    Attach documents, PDFs, photos, word files to clients. Attachments can be added to specific objects associated with the client like Drug Tests or attached directly to the client. Attachments can be added using a desktop or mobile device using the camera on the mobile device.

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