Case Managment Software for

Juvenile Detention Alternative Initiatives (JDAI)

YouthCenter makes it easy for case managers and parole officers

(PO's) to enter in notes for their clients in JDAI.
Administrators love YouthCenter because it makes reporting easy.
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Software Advancing Juvenile Case Management

Case Management Tools

YouthCenter was designed for juvenile case managers by juvenile case managers to make it easier to spend more time with the youth in your care and less time entering in case and related information. Features include:

  • Mobile Case Management (tablet & smartphone)
  • Easy to use "social-like" interface
  • Track program and facility placements
  • Track case & contact notes
  • Assessments over time
  • Incidents
  • Progress reports
  • Drug tests
  • Notifications to others when status changes
  • Many more features!

Administration & Reporting Tools

YouthCenter's easy to use administration system allows for the customization of drop downs and selections within the application to suit your organizations needs. Customization combined with a powerful reporting system that allows for exporting to an Excel based format and the ability to subscribe to reports. Other features include:

  • Custom tagging of objects
  • CSV export of reports
  • Email notifications
  • Form builder for custom forms
  • Daily log
  • Audit log
  • Custom security levels for groups
  • Web based access
  • and a lot more!

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Designed by juvenile case managers for juvenile case managers

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