YouthCenter User Group Meeting

If you are planning on attending the April MJDA Quarterly Meeting on Wednesday, April 20th, we would like to extend you an additional invitation to a YouthCenter User Group meeting immediately following (from 1 pm to 3 pm). If you are attending and can stay a bit longer for our User Group Meeting, we will be providing lunch!

Our agenda includes:



Combining Case Notes and Contact Log
Questions for our users
  • Client/Case/Petition/Placement
  • Demographics/Contacts
    • Are we missing data?
    • Too much data?
  • Detention Intake
    • How do you see it working?
  • Attachments
    • What would you like to see?

YouthCenter Road-map

Brainstorm what features do you want next
This is your product, help us shape it
What's been done
What is next up

RSVP here or email to let us know who will be attending and if we need to be aware of any dietary preferences you might have. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or if there are any YouthCenter related topics you would like to see covered.

We hope to see you later this month!