CourtStream Release 5.3.2

The following is a full list of changes for CourtStream version 5.3.2 which is scheduled to be released on 08/27/2009. If you have any feedback regarding this release please email us at [email protected] or just make a comment at the bottom of this blog post. Any and all feedback, suggestions, bug/error reports are welcome.

BizStream Application

People Picker

  • New: A new input has been created that allows the user to select people (Both BizStream Users as well as external email addresses). This will typically be used for sending alerts/emails. The People Picker is useable but still in beta and not completely polished yet. A more in depth explanation of the People Picker will come once it's complete.
    • requested by: Ottawa County


  • New: A View Only report of the Security Matrix (who can do what?) is now available under Manage CourtStream.
    • requested by: Ottawa County

Internet Explorer Search Provider

Calendar / Events

Event Conflict Checking

  • New: The system will now review an event upon save and check for possible conflicts with holidays. Any conflicts will be shown and the user will have the option to continue, delete selected conflicts, or retry creating the event with a different schedule. To modify the list of holidays the system checks against, go to Manage CourtStream > Change CourtStream Settings > Change Your Calendar Settings.
    • requested by: Ottawa County

Case Manager

Court Order

  • Updated: If Review Date is required it is now always required regardless of whether the Court Order is finalized or not.
    • Administrators may change this new setting in Case Manager -> Administration -> Court Order Types
    • requested by: Ottawa County


  • Updated: A new item was added to the "Caseworker" drop down box, "<No Caseworker>". This will return clients with no Primary Caseworker, Assigned Caseworkers, or Assigned Judge.
    • requested by: Ottawa County

Service Provider / Class


  • Updated: A class' maximum attendees can now be modified after it is created.
    • requested by: Ottawa County

First Class Reminders

  • New: The morning of a client's first scheduled class, an email can be sent out to 1-3 people. (Primary Caseworker, the Enroller, and/or the Class Supervisor) This option is located in Manage CourtStream > Change CourtStream Settings > Change CourtStream's Settings.
    • requested by: Ottawa County

Attendance / Contact Log

  • Updated: Attendance Logs can now be included in the Contact Log. Upon setting up a Service you may setup the default for whether or not attendance to that Service should be included in Contact Log. You can also override that value on each Attendance Entry.
    • requested by: Ottawa County

Case Manager / Detention

Attachments (OnBase Integration)

  • New: Users that have the OnBase Document Imaging system installed for their client documents, can now access OnBase documents directly from CourtStream. Simply go to a client's Attachments page and click the "OnBase Documents" button. This feature can be turned on/off in the Manage CourtStream section of the application.
    • requested by: Ottawa County

Summary Screen

  • Updated: Clicking on a mugshot on the Summary tab now opens the mugshot just as in the General Profile tab.


  • Fixed: The style of the client header when viewing a mugshot was gone. It is now styled correctly.

Detention Placement - Recall Pickup Order

  • Fixed: Recalled pickup orders were not getting in to the activity log once they were done. This has been fixed.

Search Auto Suggest

  • New: While typing a search phrase into Case Manager/Detention search, we now give you suggestions based on existing data in the system
    • requested by: Ottawa County

Activity Log (Sparkline)

  • New: At the top of the Activity log a sparkline has been added. The Activity Sparkline gives you a quick visual representation of "how active" the case is over time. More information about a sparkline can be found here:



  • Updated:  If the client has an active Pickup Order the user has the option to recall the order from the placement screen.
    • requested by: Ottawa County

Report Manager

Report Subscriptions

  • New: Users may now subscribe to any report that they have access to. A subscription can be setup to automatically email to a list of people based on a schedule. To subscribe to a report, go to the Report List, hover your mouse over the view icon, and click on the Subscribe button. Fill out the form and click save. Subscribed reports will be sent out between 12 am and 4 am.
    • Currently supported subscription options include:
      • Create a daily, weekly, or monthly schedule
      • Send the email as a link to the report
      • Attach an Excel Spreadsheet (CSV - Comma Separated Values) to the email
    • Attaching a PDF of the report is coming soon.
    • requested by: Ottawa County

User Security

Report Manager

  • Updated: Added 9 New Permissions below
    • Reports: Administer All
    • Case Manager Reports: View (only 'my reports')
    • Case Manager Reports: Edit (only 'my reports')
    • Case Manager Reports: Grant Permissions
    • Case Manager Reports: Grant Permissions (only 'my reports')
    • Detention Reports: View (only 'my reports')
    • Detention Reports: Edit (only 'my reports')
    • Detention Reports: Grant Permissions
    • Detention Reports: Grant Permissions (only 'my reports')

Database Integration/Synchronization

Casework Team

  • Updated: For those subscribers using Integration, we're now supporting the Assigned Judge field.
    • requested by: Ottawa County