Webinar Recording: Unleashing AI Efficiency: Revolutionizing Juvenile Court Reports with ChatGPT

Recorded on Thursday, 8/24/2023, this 40 minute webinar will show you the potential of artificial intelligence in juvenile court administration. Discover how ChatGPT, OpenAI's advanced language model, is reshaping the way we generate and analyze reports. We'll walk you through a case study where a jurisdiction, using data exported from two separate reports within YouthCenter, was able to create a comprehensive report they needed, thanks to AI.

AI Webinar Screen Capture

You will learn to streamline your report generation process, identify critical data points, and utilize ChatGPT to create powerful, custom reports. We will show you how to build a template for future use, saving you time and resources while improving the quality and precision of your work. Watch and learn how AI can be used for your complex reporting needs.

Watch the Webinar Recording Here.