YouthCenter Attends Juvenile Justice Vision 20/20 Annual Meeting

In November YouthCenter was privileged to be a part of Michigan’s Juvenile Justice Vision 20/20 (JJV 20/20) Annual Meeting. This was an interactive, statewide, discussion about juvenile justice issues.

JJV Data Sharing Project

In attendance were a wide variety of people from local and state government, courts, service providers, and education. YouthCenter has been actively involved in the JJV Data Sharing Project which would allow various jurisdictions to safely and security share information, something that can’t be done now and is inhibiting courts and service providers from providing the most effective services to our youth. Data Sharing falls within the “Juvenile Court Operational Performance” focus area, one of five such areas.

Scott Came, executive director of SEARCH, The National Forum for Justice Information and Justice Statistics explained the value for data sharing and reviewed the progress on the project which is currently in beta testing. In addition to data sharing Scott explained some of the future advantages of being able to perform data analysis on shared data and how that analysis will help identify the most effective solutions and providers.

Additional Topics

Additional topics included a review of JJV 20/20’s strategic plan, Juvenile Justice Trends Analysis, Risk Assessment Report update, Juvenile Justice Needs Assessment, as well as, input from those in attendance. Juvenile Justice is an issue YouthCenter has been interested and involved with for years. It was good to see all of the familiar faces, talk with people in the know and see the progress that has been made in our state. Thank you Sandi Metcalf and the rest of the JJV 20/20 Executive Committee for your ongoing efforts on this important topic.