YouthCenter December 2020 Release

The December release to your YouthCenter site contains the highly used MAYSI-2 assessment and many quality of life improvements as well as porting of the Audit Checklist application to the new interface. For a preview before it launches on Sunday 12/13/2020, login to your Beta site.

Widget Updates

Many of our users have asked for additional columns and filtering options for the dashboard widgets. You've asked, we've listened and added some requested features to those widgets.

New Options for Filtering My Clients Widget

In addition to the columns of data you can add to the My Clients widget, you may now filter by Placement Programs and by Status or Statuses.

A new section has been created towards the bottom of the form that includes filtering options

To customize your My Clients widget, select the gear icon to the right of your My Clients widget.
The Widget edit button is to the right of the full screen button
If you don't have a My Client widget on your dashboard, select Manage Dashboard, select + Add Widgets, and then select My Clients from the Clients section.

Pro Tip: You can have multiple My Clients widgets with different columns and filters assigned.This can be extremely helpful if you are looking to group your clients by specific programs or statuses. Simply re-name each version of the widget to denote what each "My Clients" widget contains. 

Birthday option added to My Clients Widget

You can now see a client's birth date in the My Clients widget. To add the birth date select the gear icon to the right of your My Clients widget. 

The Widget edit button is to the right of the full screen button

You can find the Birth Date under the "Which data should be shown?" section. Then simply click apply.

The birthday will be listed in a column of the widget

Filter assessments by my clients

You can now filter the assessments by just clients you are assigned to. To enable the filter, select the gear icon on the right of the upcoming or pending assessments widget and select the Only show my clients checkbox, and finally select Apply.
A simple checkbox will be present in the upcoming assessments widget.

New Assessment: MAYSI-2

The MAYSI-2 is a widely used behavioral health screening assessment designed for juvenile justice programs and detention facilities. Given that you have access to setup assessment schedules for a client you can add the MAYSI-2 on your site.

NOTE: Licensing of MAYSI-2 is your organizations responsibility. YouthCenter only provides a method for recording and reporting the data entered in.

To add an assessment schedule follow the instructions found on our documentation site and select the MAYSI-2 from the dropdown.

The assessment entry screen of the MAYSI-2 includes all 52 questions

Filter by status changes in reports

You can now track status changes via reports. These additional tracking metrics will allow you to filter data down via statuses during a time period. To create a report tracking status changes, select the Reports app from the main navigation. From the Reports App, select the green + New Report button in the top right.

The add new report button can be found in the top right of the Reports application

Once in the Report creation application, you can
  1. Enter a report name
  2. Change the data source to Client: Client Status History
  3. Select Save Report
  4. Select the Green + button to the right of Choose Your Data Fields for your report
  5. Select from the new Status History options and any other fields you wish for the report
  6. Press Update & View Report to see your results
The report builder application includes new options for Status History found under the field addition dialog
Commonly requested status history filters include status start dates and end dates, as well as status modified by options.

Audit Checklist added to the new interface

Having common and complete data when intaking a client into detention is critical to a client's success. Given that you have proper permissions, you can now find the Audit Checklist application under the Case Manager-->Detention-->Audit Checklist.

The audit checklist includes a visual display of what information needs to be collected to create a basic profile of a client

Your input is greatly appreciated!

With a release, we look forward to your feedback. We're always looking to make improvements to the software you use daily. Along with the above items, with your input, we've made some additional improvements around the speed of the application, general design, and usability. These improvements don't come without your input. 

If you need assistance on how to use any features you've seen here, ​please contact us ​and we'll work with you.