CourtStream Release 5.2.6

The following is a full list of changes for CourtStream 5.2.6.

Case Manager
  • Major Feature: Added Client tab.
  • Feature: Added user preference for To Do list display on search tab.
  • Format Change: Changed zero result message for search.
  • Format Change: Contact -> Education -> changed school list to an "AutoComplete" field.
  • Fix: Fixed ability to enter duplicate case numbers.
  • Major Feature: Reformatted General Profile Report.
  • Major Feature: Medication schedule usability updates.
  • Minor Feature: Upon placing a client in Detention the user will be prompted to fill in the Client's General Profile, if not complete.
  • Feature: Added "place in detention" button to summary tab.
  • Format Change: Changed zero result message for search.
  • Bug Fix: Deleting a Request for Detention now shows up in Audit Log, and is removed from Activity Log
  • Major Feature: Meal Count.
  • Major Feature: Facility Medications.
  • Feature: Requests for detention can be started directly from Daily Log.
  • Major Feature: Improved pdf formatting across entire application.
  • Major Feature: Added Client tab.
  • Major Feature: Reformatted Health History Form.
  • Fix: Scrolling Marquee is no longer displayed when menu is set to on top.
  • Fix: Special characters on filenames are no longer accepted.
  • Fix: Integration now handles all addresses properly.
  • Fix: AS400 search results are accurately displayed.
Service Provider
  • Fix: New reoccurring classes now save properly.
  • Update: Event time validation updated