YouthCenter 2018 Feature Roadmap

2017 was a big year in moving case management features to the new interface in YouthCenter. Along with performance and user experience improvements, we migrated 14 major pieces of functionality to the browser independent and mobile friendly YouthCenter interface including:

  • Case & Client Number Split
  • Case & Client Statuses
  • Add New Client
  • General Profile
  • Contacts & Client Team
  • People Picker & Notifications
  • Event Log
  • Incidents
  • Visual Checks
  • Record of Discipline
  • Daily Log
  • Progress Reports
  • Attachments
  • Various Dashboard Widgets

The 2018 YouthCenter product roadmap includes an additional 14 features to be migrated to the new interface. The roadmap will be updated as we complete items. After each quarter, a set of features will be delivered and will available for testing in your BETA site. Once we have received feedback, updated, and fixed any issues that come up, we will release the features to the LIVE site.

The order of additional features to be migrated will be planned as we receive user feedback and new priorities are agreed upon.

YouthCenter Juvenile Case Management 2018 Roadmap

The roadmap is intended to outline the scope of features we will be implementing. YouthCenter in continuously updated throughout the year. The above feature priorities may change based on user feedback and development schedules.

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