CourtStream 5.2.5 Release Notes

  • Feature - Client Medication scheduling and inventory tracking. (Training Video)
  • Feature - Added Personal Possession Tab.
  • Feature - Added Resident Orientation Checklist as pdf report in quick actions menu.
  • Feature - Health history is in a conveniently printable format.
  • Feature - New format for Resident Orientation Checklist.
  • Update - Clients will now be automatically added when a Request For Detention is created for a client that does not exist.
  • Update - Daily Log typo, atleast changed to at least.
  • Update - Look and feel changes to the Daily Log.
  • Update - Medical Health history is now associated to each detention stay.
  • Update - Record of Discipline - Added a confirmation for deletion.
  • Update - Detention Incidents can be added directly from the Daily Log.
Case Manager:
  • Fix - Link to Client Calendar on client Summary tab has been fixed.
  • Feature - Redesigned Quick Actions Menu. (Training Video)
  • Fix - Calendar no longer switches to logged in user when selecting a specific day