How to Implement Spell Check in Internet Explorer

Spell check has been done, very well by the way, by other third-party applications. They work on the browser level and will actually give you spell checking throughout all your web applications, not just CourtStream. In fact, this is such a common request, that all the modern browsers have spell checking built right in. Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer 10+ have their own spell checking engines. If you're stuck using Internet Explorer 9 or below you have options as well. Although we definitely recommend upgrading to at least version 10.



Google Toolbar

We like all three. They all work well. Before we upgraded to IE10+ we used Speckie and IESpell mostly. Google Toobar is great, but we didn't want the extra toolbar taking up space on the screen, and it does a lot of extra stuff that we didn't use. It's probably not the best choice for a larger companies because some of the extra stuff it does may cause extra support for the IT department. Speckie and IESpell do one thing and do it well.