New Release: Cases, Assessments, and the New YouthCenter

Proper Case Handling

Case History will include the timeline of Status changes, just like it did before. But we're also introducing the concept of properly opening and closing individual cases. Up until now, the system tracked a single case per client and simply used status changes to open and close the same case. Prompted by our involvement in Juvenile Justice 20/20 ( we decided to redesign the way we track cases. For the first phase, we're still only allowing a single case to be open at a time. That may change in the future.
  • Changed "Status History" to "Case History"
  • A new case will automatically be opened when a new juvenile is created.
  • Cases have been auto generated based on existing opened/closed status history records.

New AddIn: Assessments

We worked with Ottawa County to digitally recreate the Youth Level of Service (YLS) Risk Assessment. The YLS assessment questions will be preloaded, but it was designed to be used with many other assessment types as well. Try it out and get in touch with us if you'd like to talk about getting another type of assessment loaded up.

Referral Information

Referral Information is now being tracked on Detention Placements. You can track the type, date, organization type, organization name, and address.

Client Tab Order Changed

We felt the order the client tabs was not optimal and didn't really make sense. If you have any insight into a better ordering, please let us know.

First Look at the New YouthCenter!

It's finally here! The first release of the new improved YouthCenter is out and ready for you to check out. It's been a while since we first talked about redesigning the site to work more effectively with different browsers and devices like tablets and phones. We haven't been idle. Ever since then we've been toiling away behind the scenes building up the infrastructure. A lot of work goes into a site like this that will never be seen but needs to be there for the site to function properly.

The Assessments application was the first thing to be implemented on the new system. We've also added in some summary, general profile, contact information as well. More and more will be added to the new site as time goes on. We look forward to the day when the current site is no longer required and we can switch over completely to the new one. We're really excited with how it's progressing!

You're probably not going to spending much time in there quite yet. It's more of a preview that a full release. It doesn't even have a proper login screen yet. There are a few ways to get to it:

1) Open up a client record, open the "Client" quick action tab all the way to right, then click "View this client in the new YouthCenter".
2) Open up a client record, go to the Assessments tab in the Case Manager section, then click the "Work with Assessments in the new YouthCenter"

We plan on adding more and more functionality there over time. We'd like to schedule our projects intelligently. What do you think? What functionality should be transferred or added to the New YouthCenter first? Comment below!