Live Release: Form Builder Changes

Form Builder Changes

Form Builder was modified to handle and more clearly define the difference between a form and a report. The differences are noted below. Previously, areas like General Profile only allowed for reports so you couldn't make a General Profile Form that included user input and custom fields. Areas have now been added everywhere to handle forms and reports. By default, when a form contains any fields that accept user input, it is automatically considered a form. If a form only includes read-only fields and no user input (or the "Run as Report" option is on) it is considered a report.
  • Allows users to respond by entering data into fields like textboxes, dropdowns, checkboxes, and electronic signatures.
  • Responses are added, filled out, and listed.
  • Can only be viewed/printed as a PDF from the red PDF icon at the top of each "Custom Forms and Reports" section.
  • No data is entered and responses are not saved and listed.
  • Forms with input fields can be forced to act like a report by turning on the "Run as Report?" option in the form's settings.


  • Company-wide Events
  • View All Clients
    • When filtering by Clients, you can now choose "All"

Case Note

  • Duration field added
  • Services Provided field added
    • Either Services Provided OR Notes are required
  • Staff Present field added

Unit/Room Naming

  • Throughout the system, anywhere you see a room name, you'll also see the unit name like so "A - 01".
  • This required some room names to be modified in order to look correct. If you're seeing something like "A - A01" you need to modify your room names to no longer include a reference to the unit.