2017 Q1 Beta Release Notes


We've made a couple big changes to Incidents that will make them more useful and more inline with how you need them. 
Associate multiple clients to a single Incident
Incidents often involve multiple clients. Now you no longer need to create duplicate incidents, one for each person involved. Write it up once and associate as many clients as necessary.

Other staff besides the one entering the data into YouthCenter will have their own version of what happened and what they reccommend happens next. Now you can enter as many narratives as is necessary. Narratives have their own 'types' as well, so you can have "Primary" narratives, "Additional" narratives, "Disposition of Evidence", "Reccomendations", etc. You decide which type of narratives are needed for your facility. You can also denote there only ever be one "Primary" narrative, but as many "Secondary" narratives as you want.

Incident Status
Keep track of the workflow of an Incident. There are often many steps in creating an Incident, gathering other narratives, getting it reviewed, sending it to parents, etc. You now have a place to keep track of the status of an Incident to better keep you focused on what needs to be done.
It's often useful to keep track of where Incidents occur in order to identify trouble-zones in your facility. Use reports to couple locations with dates and times and you can start building good ideas of when and where to concentrate your efforts and possibly make some changes to your proceedures.
Associated to Discipline
A very common outcome of most Incident Records is some sort of disciplinary action. Now you can associate an incident with the resulting discipline.


The core of Disciplines (previously Record of Discipline) hasn't changed much. Mostly we just renamed some fields to help them make more sence and be more versitile and useful for all facilities. For example, "Major / Minor" is now "Severity", "Problem Category" is now "Behavior Type", and "Brief" and "Detailed" Description of Behavior are now just "Behavior Notes". We found that the brief description of behavior was really just a quick sentence or two about the incident that prompted the discipline. But now that we're associating the incident and discipline we can easily show you the incident's summary instead of making you retype it.


Visual Checks

This is an addin that not all of you use, but it ties closely into Incidents and Discipline so we brought it over with them. Previously, Visual Checks didn't really have an application of it's own. It mostly lived inside an Incident or Discipline. We've since moved Visual Checks out into it's own application under Facility. This way you can easily see all clients currently in restraints or on suicide watch in one place. This also allows a check to be started on a client without it being prompted by an Incident or Discipline record.


Form Usability

We heard your feeback that usability of the new Notes application was less than stellar. We are here to make your jobs easier and more efficient, not slow and frustrating. We've gone through every form in the new app and reviewed it for efficiency. Our goals going forward are 1) to make entering your data quick, easy, and intuitive 2) to be able to navigate and fill out every form using only the keyboard with few exceptions for specialized inputs.
Some changes that resulted from this are:
  • Yes/No fields went from the "switch" style input to normal checkboxes
  • Dropdowns were redesigned to be faster, more intuitive, and work with keyboard only
  • Date/Time pickers were redesigned to be more intuitive and work with keyboard only
  • All fields can be activated by tabbing from one to the next

Client Notifications

All client notifications are now displayed in both new and old applications. No more only seeing certain notifications in certain places.


You've always been able to notify others about things that happen throughout the system, but now for new applications you're able to see who was notified, when, what priority the notification was given, and if it's a user of YouthCenter if they've viewed the notification yet.

Bug Fixes and Performance Enhancements

As always there have been hundreds of small bug fixes and improvements done to make the system respond faster, look cleaner, and work better.