CourtStream 5.3.6: Form Builder, Placements, Programs, Petitions and more

The following is a list of changes for CourtStream version 5.3.6 to be released 05/11/2010 @ 5:00 pm EST. If you have any feedback regarding this release please email us at [email protected] or just make a comment at the bottom of this forum post. Any and all feedback, suggestions, bug/error reports are welcome.

Case Manager

Petitions, Offenses, Court Orders

  • New: SCAO Court Caseload Report. A new custom report has been created to track Petition Life-Cycles and assist in filling out the Michigan SCAO Court Caseload Report.
  • New: Added better support for processes like Refer to Formal, Return from Transfer, and Case Type Change.
  • New: Added ability to see/change an offenses Adjudication/Disposition information.
  • Updated: Further redesigns on the Petition/Offenses screens to make navigating and working faster and easier.
  • Updated: Better validation on Petitions and Offenses which results in more accurate data.
  • Updated: Other minor bug fixes

Case Manager, Detention

Register of Action

  • Updated: Automatic events have been tweaked to work with the new SCAO Court Caseload Report


  • Updated: The Placements tab is a place to keep track of the physical placement location of a client (excluding Detention placements in this version). Foster homes, Residential Facilites, etc can all be tracked here. It also allows for the tracking of per diem rates over time with a special report data source.


  • Updated: The Programs tab is very similar to the Placements tab. Use it to keep track of placements in programs like Tether or Drug Court. It also allows for the tracking of per diem rates over time with a special report data source.


  • New: Added a new field called "DET Calc: Days of Placement" to the "Case: Detention" Data Source.
    • This field must be used with the "DET: Date In Detention (Search Only)" field.
    • If you set the Date In Detention field to searchable, and set the Days of Placement to Aggregate Total. You will get a total "Days of Placement" or "Days of Service" calculated automatically.


Sending Alerts

  • Updated: Sending Facility Alerts from Daily Log was not sending emails

BizStream Application

Form Builder

  • Updated: Security: You can now setup security in anyway you want. Who can Create Forms? Who can edit, delete...? Who is allowed to Fill Out the Forms?
  • Updated: Ability to "tie" the Forms to "objects" within the system. An "object" could be a Client, a Detention Placement, a User.
  • Updated: Fixed some issues with Checkboxes and Pull Downs on the PDF output.
  • Updated: Changed the way the Form Builder Options appear
  • New: Added the "Other Forms" tab on a client. Here is a place you can add all of your other forms that you need for your client.


Daily Log Widget

  • Fixed: Fixed the "ShowDailyLogView(XXXX-XX-XXXX-XXXXXX)" issue. Now when you click a Facility-based Daily Log entry from the homepage, it will take you to the correct spot within the system.

Many Additional Performance and Bug Fixes