YouthCenter version 5.3.10 is live! Add-Ins, Filters, Facility Forms, and UI Changes!

The following is a list of changes for CourtStream version 5.3.10 released to live on 05/21/2013 @ 10:00 am EST. If you have any feedback regarding this release please email us at [email protected] or just make a comment at the bottom of this post. Any and all feedback, suggestions, bug/error reports are welcome.

User Interface Changes

Updated: Throughout the system you'll notice applications being redesigned. We started with the Form Builder Administration list screen, and the AddIns listed above. We wanted to start giving the application an updated look and functionality. These changes are the beginning of that. All new applications will look similar to these.

Form Builder: Facility Forms

New: You may now create forms that aren't associated with any specific client. Track things like Employee Surveys, Audit Overviews, Facility Maintenance, etc.

Global Filter

New: Filter specific home page widgets, search results, etc based on any of 3 filters: Unit (room group), Placement Type, and Level.


We're introducing the concept of Add-Ins to CourtStream in this version. Add-Ins are basically new applications/functionality. You can turns these Add-Ins on/off based on whether they apply to your facility. Some are free, some have a monthly fee. All will have a free trial period which we can set up for you. Just give us a call and we'll get it setup for you. As of this rollout, all Add-Ins are enabled and free in your beta site. To view/manage your Add-Ins go to Manage CourtStream > Manage your Add-Ins. Clicking on the title of each Add-In will show you details and screenshots of each as well as an overview and instructions of how to use it. Also, in the detail page, you can manage the add-in's options by clicking the Manage this Add-In link in the top right. If you have any questions about add-ins feel free to email us or give us a call!

Add-In: Case Completion Checklists

New: Track specific parts of a client file and whether they are considered complete. This is aimed to help you track whether or not a state auditor would consider your cases complete, and hopefully save you some money in fines.

Add-In: Form Builder: Reports

New: Form data is now available in Reports! Simply edit your form and turn on "Report Data Source", then give each field a "Report Field Name". Once your form is set up, you'll be able to create and run reports against it.

Add-In: Service Plans

New: Many states require you to have a plan of action setup and updated on a given schedule. Setup a schedule for each Service Plan and users will be reminded to fill them out. Each Service Plan contains an Initial Plan and Updated Plans, each of which contain 5 custom questions that you may define.

Add-In: Visual Checks

New: Sometimes a client must be restrained. Sometimes they are harmful to themselves. During these times, they must be checked on a schedule to make sure they remain safe. Setup multiple Check Types and your staff will be reminded to check up on a client until they can calm down.

Additional Performance and Bug Fixes