Updated YouthCenter Roadmap

In the interest of giving you all a better idea of what's happening with YouthCenter going forward, here is an updated schedule for all things YouthCenter for the next two years. Of course, being that it spans two years, some things may be rearranged as priorities change. This is the current plan and we'll be working hard to get this all finished and give you the best experience possible. If you have any questions or concerns, or if you have any suggestions for features more important than these, don't hesitate to contact us at [email protected].

June, 2020

  • Legacy site no longer dependent on Internet Explorer
    • Enjoy the old administration interface on any browser without any special setup.
  • Apps moved to the new interface
    • Meal Counts
    • Register of Action
  • In-App help links to the new documentation site (https://docs.youthcenter.net)
    • In an effort to help new users get up to speed quickly and answer questions before they get to your IT help desk, we set up a new online documentation site. Throughout the app, users will see help articles and videos related to the page they're currently on. These articles and videos will walk them through the steps needed to use the app correctly and efficiently.
  • Ability to manage your people picker lists
    • When notifying others thoughout the system, you can use premade lists of people. This will, once again, allow you to manage those lists in a central location.
  • Added images to Client Residency records
    • Often times an image of a residence will help someone like a PO stay safe when they need to visit. Each residence will have the ability to save an image now.

September, 2020

  • New Assessment forms available
    • MAYSI-2
    • YASI
  • Apps moved to the new interface
    • Court Cases
    • Todo List
    • User/Group/Permission Management
    • Site/YouthCenter/Addon Management
  • Case Note Report by Staff (custom PDF report)
    • Meant initially for import into a documentation system like OnBase, this premade report will create a PDF with a user's clients' case notes for a given date range.
  • Enhanced Notifications (SMS, Subscribing to client events)
    • Users will have the ability to choose to be notified by text message and/or email.
    • In addition, users can "subscribe" to a client's events. For example, "Notify me any time a Progress Note is created for this client."
  • Ability to @mention other users inside comments
    • Just like most social networks, typing an "@" plus a user's name will allow you to mention them in a comment. That user will then be notified of that comment.

December, 2020

  • Apps moved to the new interface
    • Petitions/Offenses, S.O.S. Abstracts
    • Case Plan
    • Service Providers/Classes
    • Audit Checklist (previously Case Completion Checklist)
    • Document Manager (simplified to Facility Attachments)
    • Dropdown Management
  • ​Enhanced Programs
    • ​Programs will gain some features like tracking community service hours, estimated release date, additional data points, and more.

March, 2021

  • Parent/Client Portal
    • Parents and/or clients will be given logins to a new externally facing area of YouthCenter. In this area they can do things like sign forms, check on the status of their child/case/etc, get messages from the case worker, and more.
  • Apps moved to the new interface
    • Report Manager
    • Court Orders
    • Contacts

June, 2021

  • Apps moved to the new interface
    • Form Builder Administration
    • Account/Billing
  • Two Factor Authentication
We're all very excited about what's coming and can't wait to connect with all of you to get your thoughts and suggestions for additional features and the direction of YouthCenter. We never forget that this is your application, not ours. You use it, not us. We're here to make your lives easier and more efficient so you can do what you do best; improve the lives of the youth in your care and guide them to a place where they can help themselves.