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This past Friday marked a significant milestone for us here at YouthCenter as we hosted our largest User Group Meeting yet. With a mix of in-person and virtual connectivity, more than 30 attendees from various Juvenile Diversion, Probation, Detention, and Residential organizations came together to help forge the future of juvenile justice software.

YouthCenter User Group Meeting at BizStream

Highlights from our agenda:

  • 2023 - Feature Review: We took a look back at the new features we've rolled out this year and celebrated the successes and improvements they've brought to your daily operations.
  • Introducing the CaseStream Connect Portal: The big reveal of our meeting! We showcased the potential of the CaseStream Connect Portal to revolutionize how you manage cases and connect with those associated to the youth you work with.
  • What’s next in 2024?: Our collaborative vision-casting session where your feedback directly influenced our roadmap for the coming year.
  • Maintaining Clean Data: We dove into the best practices for data integrity, ensuring that your case management remains impeccable and showed off the upcoming Case Completion Checklist and Audit Checklist.
  • Lunch Presentation by Jodi Petersen: A deep dive into the role of risk assessment in individual case planning and the power of aggregate reporting for proactive court management.
  • Tracking Supervision and Programs for Success: Insights into how YouthCenter can streamline your supervision tracking and measure client outcomes effectively.
  • Security and Juvenile Justice: A critical discussion on the importance of security within juvenile justice software and how YouthCenter is leading the charge.

Users voting on 2024 features in YouthCenter

Missed Out? Not to Worry!

The discussions and presentations were insightful, and the collaborative spirit was alive. For those who couldn't make it, we've got you covered. All the sessions have been recorded and are available for you to watch at your convenience.

The Path Forward:

As we look ahead, the roadmap for 2024 is not just a set of goals but a promise – a promise of commitment to excellence and innovation in the juvenile justice software you use daily.

Ready to catch up on what you missed or want to review your favorite moments from the meeting? Fill out the form below for access to the complete recordings of all 8 sessions. Whether you're revisiting to solidify your learning or experiencing these insights for the first time, these sessions are packed with value that you don't want to miss.