CourtStream 5.2.6 Major Features

This entry is to highlight some of the major features released with version 5.2.6

  • The addition of the Facility application is one of the most significant.  All facility related items will be managed from this new menu item, including meals, medications not specific to a client, and the Detention Daily Log.
    • Meal Count gives administrators the ability to track daily meal counts.  Meal types are specified by the administrator, including as many, or as few, as desired.
    • Facility Medication manages medication not directly associated with a specific client.  Searches of all medication actions can also be performed here.
    • The Daily Log has been moved.  Access to the daily log is still available from the Detention application, but you will be forwarded to the Facility section of the site.
  • A client tab has been added to both Detention and Case Manager.  This tab will contain the "current client", and will provide and easy way to move between tabs and applications while still keeping track of the client you are currently working with.
  • Many of the reports have been reformatted to improve readability and formatting.
Please see this post for the full change list