YouthCenter Brainstorm: Client Summary

We're starting to redesign YouthCenter to work with more browsers/devices/etc and because of this huge redesign, we're essentially going to be recreating every area of the application at some level. We don't want this to be entirely up to us to decide how the new stuff is going to work. We realize that you all are the ones who use the app everyday and you are going to have a lot of great ideas about how to make it even better. We want YouthCenter to be incredibly useful and helpful for all our users. Because of that, we want your opinions about the first area to be redesigned, the Client Summary page.

If you could change the current client summary page in any way, what would you change? What would you add or remove? Feel free to think out of the box here. It could be as small as adding a single field, or changing the whole page.

Some ideas to spark your imagination:
  • Client Timeline: See a compact visual representation of the Activity Log
  • Make case status more prominent
  • Add client-specific dashboard style widgets
  • Remove the XYZ field
  • Add a compact summary of XYZ (Record of Discipline, Incidents, Medications, etc)
  • Make it easier to get to XYZ information
  • Notify me when XYZ has happened in the last 12 hours

No idea is too crazy. What would make YouthCenter truely awesome?