YouthCenter September 2021 Release

The September 2021 YouthCenter release includes user requested updates to dashboard widgets, the notes application, contacts & relationships, and an a much needed update to online accounts. Along with those updates we've added some performance improvements and fixed some minor bugs. Read on to learn about the new features available in your site today!

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Widget Updates

Clients (was My Clients)

We renamed the widget to reflect functionality as it is now more than just "My Clients". Users may add multiple versions of the “Client” widget and custom name them to best reflect the data showing. We've added options for a lot filtering including filtering by Program, Case Status, Tag, and team status:

YouthCenter Dashboard Widget with new filter options

By adding multiple versions of the widget you may display clients in specific programs as well based on filtering. In the example below, we're showing widgets that have been filtered by 2 different programs:

YouthCenter dashboard widgets filtered by program

Clients in Detention

Detention & Residential users asked for the ability to filter the Clients in Detention widget based on Unit. By adding multiple Clients in Detention widgets and having each widget filtered by unit, you can now have a dashboard that separates clients out by their unit.

Adding the widget to a dashboard, giving it a custom title, and selecting what unit to display is easy:

Clients in Detention Widget Options

Once the widget options are saved you can see the results on your dashboard:

YouthCenter Dashboard with Clients in Detention Widgets filtered by units


On the Clients in Detention, Clients in Other Placements, My Clients, and Recent Clients widgets, a column for birthdays may be added. Simply edit the widget, select "Birhtday" from the listing and save the widget. You’ll see info like, “10/1/2021 (10 days away)” for the clients:

Judges & Referee’s

On the Clients in Detention, Clients in Other Placements, Clients, Recent Clients, Recent Facility Placement Events, Upcoming Service Plans, and Visitations widgets you may add the client’s Judge and Referee to the column listing. Edit the widget and select the "Assigned Judge" and/or "Assigned Referee" to display the columns in the widget:


A place to record mileage traveled has been requested to be added by some probation officers & case workers. A field to enter in the total miles for the note is available when entering notes and reportable.

Contact Log Note with mileage field highlighted

Client Team

Therapists are now available to be added as Contacts in the system and added to the client team although they are not users in the system.

To add a therapist to YouthCenter. You'll need to add them as a contact by clicking on the Contacts menu item.

Contacts Application in the YouthCenter Menu

Select the Green + to add a Contact

Enter the therapist information in as a contact and be sure to check the box to denote the contact as a Therapist as shown below:

Adding a contact and denoting as a therapist

Once the contact has been added, you can edit the client team by going to Contacts > Client Team and typing the thearpist name in the designated field:

Adding a therapist to the client team

The therapist now shows up on the cilent team with their contact information assoicated.

Client team therapist highlighted

Online Accounts

Online accounts for clients has been overdue for a while. We've had requests to add in a place to record youth's login for their school grades and attendance, along with updated social media profiles. Users may add online accounts to any client in YouthCenter by going to the clients General Profile > Client Profile

Client Online Accounts

Use the pen and paper icon to edit the Client Profile to add or edit Online Accounts.

YouthCenter Client Online Accounts Editor

You may store the URL of the online account, a user or account name, a password, and any notes regarding the account.


When creating new residencies, you can auto-fill the address based on other Relationships and Residency addresses already associated with the client.

Adding residency from an existing address


We've added some requested features to the Contacts associated with a juvenile in YouthCenter.

Tags on Contacts & Relationships

Tags can now be added to client contacts to visually show information about a client contact that is valuable to your organization. This can be extrememly helpful for tagging clients as family, or "No Contact".

YouthCenter Contacts application with a tag example

Tags need to be added to "Relationships" in the Picklist Admin to be added to a relationship.

YouthCenter picklist admin showing a tag associated with the relationships object

Once a Tag has been added to the relationship object, you can add a tag to a relationship by editing or creating a new relationship. The Tags field will be available at the bottom of the relationship.

YouthCenter Contact editor showing the available tags

Similar to other tags, Client Contact Tags may be added to reports. Using the Client: Relationships data source, you can add Client Relationships: Tags data source.

Contact tags can be added to reports by selecting Client Relationships: Tags using the

Use the new reporting to quickly find or report on information within your client contact tags.

Your input is greatly appreciated!

With all our releases, we look forward to your feedback. We're always looking to make improvements to the software you use daily. Along with the above items, with your input, we've made some additional improvements around the speed of the application, general design, and usability. These improvements don't come without your continued input. 

If you need assistance on how to use any features you've seen here or have suggestions on other improvements, ​please contact us ​and we'll work with you.