Kids are more than just numbers.
Each child has a story that’s filled with twists and turns.

When kids land in juvenile detention, they're coming to you with very complex situations and histories. You don't just assign them numbers and treat each one the same.

YouthCenter allows you to document evaluations, articulate the treatment and care the youth receives, look for opportunities for additional resources, measure how the staff and child are progressing, and track outcomes.

Troubled kids and teens are the real beneficiaries of YouthCenter because the case and facility management software ensures no one gets lost in the system.

Makayla's Story

YouthCenter | Every Kid Has a Story - Here's Makayla's story

Just like with all juveniles who come to a juvenile detention center, a case worker took Makalya through the intake process and mental health screen. During the mental health screen, her caseworker uncovered information imperative to Makayla’s future.

It turned out Makayla was actively suicidal. She had a plan and she had the means.

A therapist immediately evaluated Makayla’s psychological and emotional status, and determined Makayla should be transported from the detention facility to a hospital.

Fortunately, Makayla was diagnosed, prescribed medication, and given the treatment she needed to get better.

Along the way, every professional who came in contact with Makayla - from the moment she arrived at the detention facility through all the treatment she received - documented each encounter with Makayla in YouthCenter. This gave everyone who worked with Makayla, from her caseworker to her medical team, all the details needed to ensure a successful intervention and a successful outcome.

And Makayla's outcome was positive. She's in school, she's doing well, and she's alive.

Alex's Story

When Alex was 14, he stole something out of a fellow student's locker. The property was returned, but Alex was charged with a felony. Knowing he did the crime, Alex pled guilty, completed his community service, paid his fines, cleaned up his act, and got on with his life.

Alex's parents are both teachers, and Alex, too, always knew he would become a teacher. He went to college, and did well. But when it came time for Alex to dive into his student teaching, his felony showed up on his mandatory background check. Devastated, Alex didn’t think he’d ever be able to teach.

Alex's mom thought to get in touch with the court system to see if there was a way for Alex's record to be set aside. Using the case notes and documentation in YouthCenter to track Alex's case, the judge was able to see that Alex had done everything he was supposed to and that he hadn't gotten into other trouble. The judge approved Alex's record being set aside, which means the information becomes non-public.

Using the information in YouthCenter was invaluable when it came to clearing Alex's record, and to Alex achieving his goals. Before YouthCenter, record tracking was inaccurate and often inaccessible. Without the case manager notes and documentation in YouthCenter, there would have been no way to accurately or quickly trace Alex's history.

Alex went on to complete his student teaching, and today he's a doing what he loves - teaching kids and being a leader.

*Names and identities changed.

What our clients are saying

  • "One of the coolest things about Youth Center is that it is so flexible. Once we know what we want, the people at YouthCenter have been awesome as far as providing the modifications and changes." - Assistant Juvenile Services Director
  • "The way its set up makes my job easier and organized." - Youth Specialist
  • "If something happens in my detention center, I get detailed alerts as to what happened, how my staff responded, and how the child responded to the staff. That gives me a picture of what is going on within the detention facility without me having to be there." - Juvenile Services Director
  • "To my knowledge, there are no case management systems for the juvenile system. YouthCenter was developed for juvenile courts and juvenile detention facilities. All the other off-the-shelf software packages were developed for adults. Juvenile is an afterthought. YouthCenter accommodates all the nuances of the juvenile courts as well as the detention side. That's critical. It is a great tool. I honestly don’t know what I would do without it" - Juvenile Services Specialist