YouthCenter February 2023 Release Notes

The February 2023 release contains several quality-of-life updates to various applications within YouthCenter. This release is slated to go live on 02/26/2023 at 11 PM EST (Click here to see the time in your timezone).

Invite companies to calendar events

Companies may be invited to calendar events so you can more easily get the whole picture of everything happening within your organization - all client appointments on the company calendar. When creating an event, you can add a company by searching for the company name in the attendees search box.

Inviting a company to a calendar event

Companies that have been added to events as attendees will show up underneath users and clients.

Calendar event attendees with a company

You can remove a company from an event by pressing the x icon to the right of the company you wish to remove.

Note: Companies will not receive event emails or text message reminders. We suggest adding a contact for the company if you wish them to receive event notifications.

Several of our clients have indicated that they create companies for programs in their facility. Adding an event will allow them to have a shared calendar that displays all the events happening for that program.

Share Form Responses with other users

You can now inform other users of form responses. When filling out a form response, you will find the Share button directly above the save button.

Share button on custom form responses

The share window will open and you can locate users you want to inform by either using the search bar or selecting user(s) from one of the lists. Once you’ve selected a user, press the right arrow to move them to the informed column.

Share menu with team members selected

Pressing Save will inform the user of the form submission.

Scheduled Date in Medication Widget

You can now add a Scheduled Date column to the medications widget, so that you can see not only the time, but also which day the medication is scheduled to be dispensed. This is very helpful for medications that are dispensed multiple days in a row.

YouthCenter medication schedule widget with scheduled date.

The scheduled date should automatically show up in your widget after the update.

Changes to user set up and management

As our user base grows, so do the variety of set up scenarios. In this release we have enhanced the user set up process.

One account per email address

To better segment information and ensure proper notifications, we have restricted the number of times the same email address can be associated with a user.

Allow for users without an email address

In certain situations, like detention facilities that have users without government issued emails, users had to use personal email addresses to log in to YouthCenter. We now allow for users to be created without an associated email address. As an important note, if those users forget their username or password, they will need to reach out to one of their administrators to gain access back into the system.

End-User License Agreement in App

YouthCenter has moved our EULA directly into the app. When you or your users login next, they will be prompted to agree to the EULA. Once accepted, you will not be prompted to agree again unless we update our EULA.

Sample end user license agreement for YouthCenter usage

Feedback Requested

At YouthCenter, we strive to meet the ever-evolving needs of caseworkers, JPOs, administrators, and other users by offering a tailored solution. We value your feedback and believe it's essential to keep improving our software. If you have any thoughts or ideas on how we can enhance our platform, please don't hesitate to contact us via our suggestion form. Our team reviews new ideas every two weeks and appreciates your input.