YouthCenter Product Roadmap

Previewed at the YouthCenter User Group meeting in April, our development team is pushing forward with a major update to the YouthCenter Juvenile Detention & Case Management software which includes bringing it to more browsers and making the software available on tablet and mobile devices.

Our goal for the software migration is to have 80% of YouthCenter users using the new user interface 100% of the time by the end of 2016. The remaining features will be migrated as we progress in 2017.

The YouthCenter product roadmap, outlined below, is intended to outline features we will be migrating to the new interface. The road map will be updated as we complete items. After each quarter, a set of features will be delivered will be available for testing. Once approved, those features will then go live.

The order of additional features to be migrated will be planned as we receive user feedback and new priorities are agreed upon.


Q2 YouthCenter Feature Preview

Client Summary in YouthCenter

Juvenile case management is made easy on desktop, tablets, and mobile devices with the new interface. The below screen captures show the client summary screens on both iPhone and iPad. The client activity log can be seen below client summary information on the tablet.


Client Notes in YouthCenter

With the availability of YouthCenter on mobile, entering client notes are a breeze. Case managers and parole officers are can use their mobile devices to enter notes on the go using the device "Voice to Text" feature as shown below.


Client Search

A streamlined and modern interface allows users to quickly search clients by all or part of a client's first and last name, alias, client number, birthdate or birth year. Clients matching the search query are shown below the query box.


Look for updates from BizStream as features are released into your Beta site early in Q3 of 2016.

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