CourtStream 5.3.5

The following is a list of changes for CourtStream version 5.3.5 for a limited released on 3/2/2010 with a full release on 3/9/2010. If you have any feedback regarding this release please email us at [email protected] or just make a comment at the bottom of this forum post. Any and all feedback, suggestions, bug/error reports are welcome.

BizStream Application

Popup Dialog Boxes

  • Updated: We're implementing a new method of popup boxes throughout the system. You'll notice some style changes, but they should also load faster and more reliably in all browser versions. Not all popups will be using the new method quite yet. We're switching them over one by one for now.

Report Subscriptions

  • Updated: We added a "Send when empty?" option. This will allow you to not receive report subscriptions when no data exists.

Form Builder

  • Updated: Form Builder development continues on with more functionality being added all the time. With this release you can now modify many of the existing forms. For instance you can take an existing form, add the fields you need, remove/modfiy the fields you don't and future forms will reflect those changes. At this point you still can't create new forms/sections, but that and much more is coming down the line. Keep an eye out for changes to this exciting and useful tool.

Form Validation

  • Updated: Many of the existing forms have been updated with newer, cleaner validation. The new validation will give you a more clear idea of what's invalid as well as highlight the input it's referencing. This new validation will be rolled out to more forms in time, so keep an eye out for it!

People Picker

  • New: Global List administration. Those with the proper permissions can administer publicly shared people picker lists. Just go to the administration tab of any main application and click on People Picker Lists.
  • Updated: Small style changes (wording and button color)
  • Updated: Click/double click folder actions slightly modified

Case Manager and Detention

Activity Log

  • Updated: Added a "more/less" link at the end of larger Activity Log entries. This should make the Activity Log easier to scan/read while also allowing detail to be readily available.


  • Updated: Ability to select/view/print multiple affidavits at once
  • Updated: Green printed icon appears when you click the print buttons.
  • Updated: Some new styling to the view/print forms.


  • Updated: You can now send Alerts/Messages about Attachments as well as seeing them in Activity Log.

General Profile Report

  • Updated: Added Gang Name and Aliases to the report

Offenses Tab

  • Updated: Added a button to each Petition that will display the Register of Action of that Petition. From that list you can view them in more detail as well.

Register of Action

  • Updated: Added Simple/Detailed views. Added option to limit the number of events to show, for faster loading when the list grows. More filtering has been added. You can sort things by Petition or date, or show only certain event actions. You can also get a quick list of events tied to a particular Petition by hovering over the Petition button in the Offenses tab and clicking the View this Petition's Register of Action

Contact Tab

  • Updated: Administrators can now set a school as active or inactive so you can clean up your school lists more effectively as things change.

Send Alert

  • Updated: Alert emails have been modified to reflect the new alert styling that has been implemented in the last few releases.
  • Updated: We've implemented smart default lists for People Picker depending on what you're sending an alert about. Some things will try and use the same list you used last for that client and item, some will grab everyone in the Casework Team, or a combination of both, etc. These smart defaults were formulated from suggestions by users like you! Thanks a lot!

Case Manager

Court Order tab: Court Documents

  • Updated: The Court Document date is now being defaulted to the current date.
  • Updated: Style updated for Court Document view


Record of Discipline

  • Updated: The Record of Discipline PDF report (accessible from the menu on each Record of Discipline row) has been updated for clarity and to more closely resemble all the other updated reports in the system.

Progress Report

  • Fixed: Clicking on a Progress Report from somewhere else in the system will now take you to the item and show the proper progress report regardless of the currently selected filter.

All Applications

General bug fixes and improvements