Brainstorm: Admission/Incident Numbers

Currently YouthCenter has two identification fields, Client Number (2015-123456) and Petition Number (7015-123456-DL). We're kicking around the idea of adding one for each Detention Admission (Booking) and possibly one for each Incident. We want to do it right so we're asking you. Here are a few questions we have:
  1. Are there any state/federal guidlines associated with the naming/numbering of these items?
    • Naming: Admission, Booking, Intake, etc?
    • Numbering: 000123 (six digits zero filled), B12345 (where B is for "Booking"), V12345 (where V is the first letter of the client's last name), 2015-123456-B3 (where the first section is the client number and the "B3" means booking number 3), etc
  2. Do you have examples of how other systems have named these items? Even if there isn't a state/federal guideline, maybe there is a precedence set here.
  3. Do you need to be able to modify these numbers, or can they be generated by YouthCenter and just used for reference there after?
  4. Are there any other areas of the system that would benefit from having an exposed identification number for you to reference?
    • Progress Reports
    • Record of Disciplines
    • Case Notes
    • Programs/Placements
    • etc
What else do you want to discuss regarding this subject? Are we doing anything right/wrong with the existing identification numbers?