Beta Release - Main Menu and Minor fixes

Big Changes

Look at that menu!

As you can see, the main menu is FULL of links! During this transitional period while we have some functionality in the old application and some in the new application, we wanted to make traversing between the two as easy as possible. So, the menus in both applications more or less mirror each other and when you click an item that exists in the opposite application we automatically log you in and take you straight there. Hopfully this will eventually feel like a single application.

We know, the menu list gets pretty long when you open up a client. We're working on ways to make the menu easier to handle. If you have suggestions for the menu or to make this transitional period work more smoothly please let us know.

Smaller Changes

New Application

  • Fixed: Assessments - Next Response Due Date persists after deactivating assessment schedule
  • Fixed: Various style fixes, mobile/tablet/full screen
  • Fixed: Link from an email notification took you to the login page and didn't redirect you afterwards
  • Fixed: Improved form validation
  • Fixed: Mailto links should open in a new tab
  • Fixed: Assessment Response lost all styling when printing

Legacy Application

  • Fixed: Client Numbers displaying incorrectly in "New Client Search Results"
  • Fixed: Case History End Date not saving on edit
  • Fixed: Administrators lost ability to change users' passwords for them
  • Fixed: Error when BizStream Connect users tried to post to user forums 
As always, if you find anything that you don't like, or could be better, or if you have ideas for how to make the application even better we want to hear about it! Email us at [email protected]. Don't keep it to yourself! This is your application, let's make it amazing together!