CourtStream 5.3.7: Offense Abstracting and Another SCAO Report

The following is a list of changes for CourtStream version 5.3.7 released 09/07/2010 @ 5:00 pm EST. If you have any feedback regarding this release please email us at [email protected] or just make a comment at the bottom of this forum post. Any and all feedback, suggestions, bug/error reports are welcome.

Case Manager


  • New: For our MI users, Offense Abstracts and Suspensions can be sent to the Secretary of State electronically. See the S.O.S. Forms link under each offense in the Offenses Tab.

SCAO Report: Days to Disposition By Judge

  • New: Another new custom report was added representing the Days to Disposition By Judge report for SCAO.


Charges Detained On

  • New: Charges Detained on now allows you to select multiple PACC Codes from the system.

Many Additional Performance and Bug Fixes