YouthCenter 5.3.10 Hotfixes

The following is a list of changes for CourtStream version 5.3.10 released to beta on 09/17/2013 @ 10:00 am EST. If you have any feedback regarding this release please email us at [email protected] or just make a comment at the bottom of this forum post. Any and all feedback, suggestions, bug/error reports are welcome.

Case Completion Checklist (add-in)

Updated: Problems have been resolved which were preventing certain checklist items from being updated when data changed in the system, resulting in the checklist displaying incorrectly.
Updated: The Relationship Contact Info was removed as it was deemed unrealistic that every relationship need full contact info. Instead, the contact info is now required along with the marital status of all relationships denoted as guardians.

Case Manager Todo List

Updated: All Abstracts now disappear from the todo list when they are completed.
Added: Petition Fingerprints, Authorized, and Consent are now added to the todo list when the corresponding yes/no input is set to yes and the date has not yet been entered.

Progress Reports

Updated: Shift dropdown no being sorted by the Sequence field from administration.