YouthCenter 2023 Achievements and 2024 Ambitions

With the turn of the calendar, we’re reflecting on our journey in 2023 and look forward to the opportunities that 2024 brings.

2023 marked some milestones for us. We’ve expanded across ten states, partnering with more than 50 organizations using YouthCenter to manage their Juvenile cases. Daily, more than 2,000 users rely on YouthCenter. We’re excited that YouthCenter can be an integral part of helping youth move toward better outcomes.

Thanks to every user and administrator who has been part of our growth. Your trust, support, and willingness to provide valuable feedback drive our continuous improvement and innovation. Together, we've built a tool focused on collecting data to help make better-informed decisions about the youth in your care.

YouthCenter User Group - 2024 Feature Voting

Collaboration was the theme of 2023. The launch of the CaseStream Connect Portal, combined with 50+ updates inspired by your feedback, has reinforced our commitment to evolving together. Joint advocacy efforts have also led to legislative milestones that will further empower Juvenile Justice.

Michigan SB 418 Final Vote Passed

That joint advocacy led to a defining moment in 2023, securing Child Care Funding through SB 418 for data collection tools like YouthCenter in our home state of Michigan. This legislation will take effect in October 2024. It's a significant step forward in supporting our community and driving meaningful reforms in juvenile justice.

Looking ahead at our plans for 2024, "The Year of Data" comes to mind as we enhance our platform with an updated reporting system, bulk case editing capabilities, and improved data governance. These updates reflect our commitment to providing you with the efficiency needed to make informed decisions while making day-to-day case management easier.

While we have been heavily focused on developing supervision tools for probation and diversion, 2024 will see a change in focus to the residential features within YouthCenter. We’re excited to bring some additional enhancements to the facility side of our software. We’re looking forward to sharing these feature updates with you in the near future.

AI In Juvenile Justice

Artificial intelligence (AI) was a big topic in 2023 and will continue to be in 2024. There is no doubt AI is reshaping the world. We’re cautiously exploring how to integrate AI into YouthCenter in responsible ways that add value, ease, and automation for juvenile case management. We’re looking forward to bringing you the most beneficial and ethical AI tools in YouthCenter.

In closing, we want to thank you again for your support, partnership and shared vision. Stepping into 2024, we’re doing so with a renewed commitment to our mission and each of you.

Happy New Year!

The YouthCenter Team