Join us on Friday, November 3 for our 3rd Annual YouthCenter User Group Meeting. This will be a 1/2 day of learning about YouthCenter from the YouthCenter team and from users like yourselves.
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Recorded on Thursday, 8/24/2023, this 40 minute webinar will show you the potential of artificial intelligence in juvenile court administration. Discover how ChatGPT, OpenAI's advanced language model, is reshaping the way we generate and analyze reports. We'll walk you through a case study where a jurisdiction, using data exported from two separate reports within YouthCenter, was able to create a comprehensive report they needed, thanks to AI.

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Our August release introduces the new CaseStream Connect portal beta, enabling contacts to stay more engaged with your program. This release is expected to go live on 08/27/2023 at 11 PM EST

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